5 thoughts on “Cat Thursday

  1. Welcome Ann! I'm so glad to have you with us. And what little lovelies you have there. I LOVE their names. I had a beloved cat named Chloe many years ago who died suddenly. That name holds a special place in my heart! Did you click on my The Cat tab at the top of my blog. There I have pics of my gorgeous black cat, Alice. Don't you just adore black cats?! Well, all cats really, right?

    Thanks for following too. I am now following back and I look forward to chatting with you in the future. =O)


  2. Yea! Thank you! Yes, I checked out Alice and read the story of her name. Chloe is shorthaired and Grizelda is longhaired. I also have Maggie, a white polydactyl Maine Coon.I will post her next Cat Thursday. I love your blog!! I look forward to getting to know you & yours!!


  3. I forgot to mention…you're profile says you're from Great Lakes. Do you live in Michigan? I'm from Michigan originally. I was born in Dearborn and I grew up partly in that vicinity and then mostly in Midland. Still holds a special place for me! My sister still lives in Midland.


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