Dove Creek

By Paula Marie Coomer

Dove Creek is a beautifully written novel of a woman’s modern day adventure in the American West. Her journey does not follow a typical path, however.
After a disastrous and abusive marriage to a policeman she leaves her native Kentucky.
Single mother Patricia Morrison wants to make a difference in the lives of others. She draws on her Cherokee roots for the courage to find herself, and finds a place in the Pacific Northwest as a Public Health nurse.
Her journey to heal others leads her to the beliefs of the Nez Perce people. Her journey is not an easy one. She has to constantly prove herself to the people she treats, those in the community, co-workers, even her own family. Yet her perseverance and strength do indeed make a difference.
The book mixes old ways and beliefs with the reality and culture of the modern world that we know now. This is a very interesting blend, both enlightening and comforting.
Ms. Coomer writes in an open and honest way, especially in dealing with sensitive women’s issues. Her book is unique and interesting.

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