The Girl’s Guide to Homelessness

            A Memoir
By Brianna Karp
Brianna Karp is on a mission. She has a purpose. She did not choose it, but she chose to take what life dealt her and to use it for good.
Brianna has had a difficult life. From the early age of ten she was forced to work to support her mother and sister. Violence and abuse was a way of life for her. Through perseverance and determination, she fought her way out of it.
Finally, barely into her twenties, Brianna thought she had paid her dues. She had a good job and a place of her own. When the Recession hit, a series of events caused Brianna to lose it all. She found herself homeless.
Inheriting her father’s travel trailer and having nowhere to go, she parked it in a Wal-Mart parking lot. It is then that she begins to blog about being jobless and homeless.
Surprised at the responses she received and the similar stories she read, Brianna finds the courage to become an advocate for the homeless.
Young, smart, and resourceful Brianna Karp has given help and hope to countless people. She has also educated many more. Her book includes a discussion guide and a list of resources. She is a special young woman with an important book.

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