Maisie Grace Memories

     Maisie Grace            
You just know when it is love. When I first saw Maisie she was two days old. She was one of seven puppies, but I knew
she was “the one”. I told the breeder, “Yes, this one.” The breeder tried to convince me that there were six others, and it was much too early to choose, to “know”. She wasn’t sure which she planned to keep for the show ring, either, she said. “No; I have to have her, this little dark blue one.” The breeder went on how there were others the “prettier” blue, the “silver blue, sky blue”.  “Nope.”, I said. “This one is for me”.
I went back every week or two and talked to the breeder every couple of days. I had to convince her that that dark blue Sheltie puppy was for me. I didn’t want the tri-coloured ones. I had recently “lost” my tri-coloured Sheltie, Skeeter. I did not want to compare the new puppy with Skeeter, who had been my heart. But I just knew this little dark blue one was “the one”, anyway.
As time went by, we realized she had one blue eye. Well that made her even more special, though the breeder said she felt it was unnerving. Okay, so that made her mine…right?
Then as the puppy, the smallest blue female, took over the litter, becoming the alpha-puppy, I was even surer. I love an alpha-dog. I love the challenge, the strength, and the intelligence. Yes, she was the one for me. I knew it.
Finally, after six weeks, the breeder called and said, “She is yours. You’re right. You have convinced me. Come get her next week.” I named her Maisie, and she came home at seven weeks of age. We bonded immediately, strong and fast. I taught her; she taught me. We were inseparable.
At six months, her sister, the “sky blue” one came out of the show ring after being attacked by another dog. It scared her too badly. Wiley came to us for rehabilitation…and stayed for the next 15 years. Wiley became Bill’s dog; Maisie was mine. We had “His & Hers” Shelties.
For almost 16 years we had “The Girls”. Their love was unconditional for each other and for us. Maisie took care of her sister like a mother hen. Maisie and Wiley were polar opposites, but a pair nonetheless.
Maisie had intelligence beyond compare. Her intuition was keen and accurate. I could think something and she knew. She went everywhere with us. She was not only accepted, but welcomed. She had better manners than most people.
Losing her was one of the most painful things I have experienced. It has been over a year, and she remains conspicuous in her absence. She is still with me every hour of every day. And she always will be.
27 July 1994- 22 March 2010

8 thoughts on “Maisie Grace Memories

  1. I have tears running down my face for you and her…..I have been raised with dogs all of my life and I have never allowed a dog to get to me like my Muttley – she crawls under the covers with me….(she is 53 pounds of half german shepherd and golden retreiver).
    Thank you for sharing Maisie – I am sure she is keeping those cats in line!


  2. She was beautiful and unique with her blue eye. She looks like she had a lovely nature just from the photo.

    I still miss our Daschund/Jack Russell cross. He was a character.



  3. I'm all teary-eyed! These precious furbabies don't stay with us long enough. When I pass on I want to go to the Rainbow Bridge and be with all the animals I've loved.

    Thank you for writing this lovely post about your precious girl.


  4. It was their birthday; I had to say something after all of the crying I've been doing. No; it's never long enough.I could have said so much more, but I decided to focus on the beginning.
    Maisie's registered name was “Emotional Rescue”, after I had lost Skeeter (“Dark Victory”) at only age 7. So, what do you do when your “Emotional Rescue” is gone? It's been hard.
    After all of my surgeries, maybe it will be time for a puppy…


  5. What a beautiful, beautiful girl, and her sister too! “Emotional Rescue”, does it get any clearer than that she was destined to be your baby?” Dogs love and loyalty far exceeds that of many humans, our furkids can read us like open books and know just what to do to make us feel better. Think of the wonderful collection of furkids awaiting you in heaven… what a joyous reunion that will surely be!!


  6. I know this story well, but I cry every time I hear it. I didn't realize it was her birthday … I should have guessed. I knew something was wrong. I know it hurts, your love for her was unique and precious and her's for you. Happy Birthday Sweet Maisie and Wiley. Beautiful Annie …



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