Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines

Just released in paperback - my debut novel

By Carol E. Wyer

Facing fifty (50!) Amanda Wilson has a lot on her mind, as well as her proverbial plate. She is dealing with all of the usual day-to-day things that we all deal with, like trying to age gracefully and maintaining health, while trying to be there for family and friends. She does her best.
However, lately Amanda is feeling ignored and neglected. Her husband seems more interested in the news and finances, while their self-absorbed, drop-out son is essentially absent in general. Even her mother is not there for her, as she is off living the high-life with a new boy-toy!
Bored and ignored, Amanda blogs all of this online. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities to her! As she reconnects with her first true love, suddenly Amanda is faced with decisions regarding her present and her future. And anything is possible.
Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines is written in blog format, being very accessible with characters that are both believable and relatable. It is a very funny read.
*Carol is hosting a “launch party” on September 16 for this romp of a book. There will be virtual dancing, fireworks, games and contests, treats and goodies, and who knows what else! I have no doubt that a good time will be had by all! Please join Carol and the great fun that she offers with her unique and much-needed humour.
*Please join Carol E. Wyer on her blog:
Facing 50 with Humour

5 thoughts on “Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines

  1. Ann,

    I love the way you have organized your reviews.
    Listing them all on one page, with easy access links.

    We sure need some fun reading as we age.
    I've just entered the menopause state and it's heating up!


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