A Halloween Treat!

You’ve Got Ghosts!
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Haunted Tales from the Inbox

By Jennifer Lauer and Dave Schumacher

This is a collection of emails and stories received by the Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Group (SWPRG). Written by the two main members, the book is an interesting and entertaining read.
Jennifer Lauer is the founder and Executive Director of SWPRG. At the age of 19, she was moved by a personal experience to organize the group. She has been interested in the paranormal since she was a child. As she says, she continues to research what she does not understand and what has not been fully proven.
Dave Schumacher is the Science and Technology Advisor for the Group. Even as a child, Dave had what he calls “open-minded skepticism”. As he grew older however, his curiosity and interest grew more serious and persistent.
Like Jennifer, Dave attempts to collect and document real evidence, to either prove or disprove an afterlife. The belief that there is a truth drives them both to seek it.
Most of the stories in this book come from emails received by the SWPRG. The emails are dated and labeled from the sender and their location. Following each email are comments from the Investigators regarding the case.
There are many photos throughout the book of places, grave sites, and equipment used by SWPRG. Actual reports and journal entries from their investigations and cases are included in the book, as well as recommendations.
This is definitely a fascinating read!


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