A Halloween Treat!

Paranormal Great Lakes:
An Illustrated Encyclopedia

Product Details

By Charles Cassady, Jr.

Charles Cassady used his skills as a journalist to put together an alphabetical collection, including photos and sketches, of places and things of a paranormal nature of the Great Lakes region.
An introduction gives background of the Great Lakes area, its history and its longtime geographic importance. Charles tells the history of the lakes importance within the shipping industry, including the shipwrecks and their stories. There is a map of the Great Lakes illustrating the layout and connections of the “Sister Lakes”.
The book is a well laid out A-Z listing of all five lakes and surrounding areas. The stories range from rumors, myths, legends, and lore. Charles tells of mermaids, ghost ships, lake monsters, UFO sightings, unexplained lights, haunted lighthouses, and much more.
A bibliography is included at the back of the book as a reference for much of the information listed. In addition, Charles offers websites and an index of places referred to within the book.
This is a very well done encyclopedia of unusual phenomena within a special area of America. It is a great addition to any library that includes not only history, but legends and lore.          

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