A Halloween Treat

Folktales and Ghost Stories
of North Carolina’s Piedmont

Folktales and Ghost Stories of North Carolina's Piedmont

By Theresa Bane and Cynthia Moore Brown

Theresa Bane is an acclaimed “vampirologist”. She has been featured on the Discovery Channel as an expert in her field of interest and study. She has been consulted and has advised many on the topic of vampires and “the Undead”. Theresa has traveled extensively, speaking and educating on both mythology and horror fiction, as well.
Cynthia Moore Brown is a performer and educator, where she has combined her love of the arts, writing, and teaching for many decades. She is a co-founder of the North Carolina Storytelling Guild. Her passion and goal is to keep folktales alive.
In this book the two women come together, using their knowledge and talents to entertain. They tell a variety of tales, both humorous and eerie.
The stories are all based in the Piedmont area of North Carolina, arranged in sections and chapters accordingly. There are many photos to illustrate the stories, including footnotes explaining the photos and elaborating on the history.
From graveyards to haunted houses, historical battlegrounds and Native American sites, the tales and stories will educate and entertain. Well written and easy to read, this book is one for most ages.

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