A Halloween Treat

Virginia’s Haunted Historic Triangle:
Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown & Other Haunted Locations

Virginia's Haunted Historic Triangle: Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown, and Other Haunted Locations

By Pamela K. Kinney

Experienced author Pamela K. Kinney has taken a very interesting area of Virginia and brought its important history to life.

In this book Pamela tells true stories and those of myth and legend. She writes of apparitions and unusual sightings, such as Bigfoot and UFOs. Pamela tells well known tales and some little known tales of this area. All of the tales are in or near this historic “haunted triangle” in Virginia.

The reader is taken on a tour of haunted plantations and houses, down historic haunted roads and across legendary bridges. Pamela tells the story of each place, elaborating on it by adding her own experiences and impressions.

The photography throughout the book is amazing in color and detail. Pamela Kinney is thorough in taking the reader on her journey through time in this historic area. She has written other paranormal books and is a master costumer, as well. She can be found on both her own website and Facebook.

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