A Halloween Treat

Paranormal Mississippi River

Product Details

An Illustrated Encyclopedia

By Charles Cassady, Jr.

 This is one of Charles Cassady, Jr.’s paranormal encyclopedias. In alphabetical format, Charles tells the colorful history, legends and lore of America’s mighty Mississippi River.

The book is easy to read in its format, which is also cross-referenced. Charles also has illustrated the book with his own sketches and photographs.

Intertwined with the legend and lore, Charles gives much history of the Mississippi River and its people. He writes of plantations and places both widely and locally known. He covers New Orleans and its own colorful history, including Mardi Gras facts and fiction. Charles also discusses the differences between hoodoo and Voodoo. He also writes of conjure spells and loup-garou, and unusual sightings from lights to pirates. 

All of the stories herein are on and along America’s own Mississippi River. So take a leisurely ride along with Charles Cassady, Jr. But hold on…it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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