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Strange Minnesota Monsters

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By C. S. Larsen

The Northwood’s of Minnesota offers the perfect setting for creatures, including those unexplained. Christopher tells some of these tales in this paranormal book. This book has many interesting and unusual tales of unexplained “monsters” in Minnesota.
In addition to the many Bigfoot sightings, he tells tales of giants, bringing to mind the famous Paul Bunyan. But he also tells of trolls and strange little purple dwarf –like beings. In this book is the infamous story of “The Mothman”, who was seen in the Rochester, Minnesota area.
Photos accompany some of the stories, both adding to and explaining some of the tales. Yet some actually add to the mystery of the story. A drawing of a lake monster reported to having been seen, offers consideration to Lake Pepin’s legendary creature.
Christopher recalls “The Ice Man” of the 1960s-1970s. Thought to have been a “missing link”, the Ice Man was studied and much discussed. A “fake model” was created and shown widely in demonstrations and shows. The “real” Ice Man was hidden away, out of fear of possible laws and legal repercussions.
Other odd creatures and legends of the dark nights of the Northwood’s of Minnesota are written about by Christopher Larsen in this fascinating book. For those who cannot resist legend and lore, and things that go bump in the night…or perhaps howl…do not miss Strange Minnesota Monsters.

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