"Pondering with a Purpose"

         Hosted by Brenda Youngerman 
            of Fiction with a Purpose

Brenda’s prompt this week is: 
Online Friendships I am Thankful For

This is hard. I really am thankful for each and every one of my followers, and I have many friends. I have gotten closer to some, for various reasons. At Brenda’s request and urging, I will attempt to list some of those that I am especially thankful for.

Brenda of Fiction With a Purpose…I adore Brenda. She is funny, intelligent, makes me think, inspires me, gets me writing even when I am having “issues”, and she truly cares. She is genuine, and yes…I think we would be BFF…in fact, I believe we are working on it.

Hilary of FEELING BEACHIE…Hilary makes me feel good when I go to her blog or talk with her. She makes me feel like I am welcome and belong.She is creative, sweet and funny.

Kea of Fuzzy Tales…Kea always comments and we share a common bond of love of critters. I love her blog, her posts and I think she is very enjoyable.

Pat of A View from the Edge…Pat is fun and such a faithful friend. She is always there, interested and involved. I love her blog.

Old Kitty of Ten Lives and Second Chances…we see eye to eye on critters, okay cats in particular. She always comments and is very supportive. I think she is a sincerely nice person.

RoryBore of Time Out for Mom…she is another who comments and is involved. She is very supportive, sincere and likable.

Beth (my kindred spirit), Elisa, Sherri, Lesley, Susan, Amy, Tera, Michelle, Lori, Anna Jean, Marion, Anne, Tess…and the other many authors that I have connected with. You are all very special to me. It is you that keeps me reading and blogging about books. You are special writers. I am thankful for not only your sharing of your gift, but your sharing with me personally. I am thankful for your support and kindness. You are all wonderful. 

Again…this does not exclude those I have not mentioned. I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you all.   

7 thoughts on “"Pondering with a Purpose"

  1. thanks so much for such kind words! Can you believe I don't comment near as much as I would like to? LOL With 3 children in da house, sometimes I have to read quick and fly. But as I commented to Brenda, herself, you and some others have been very instrumental in helping me rediscover that writer's self that was dormant. forever grateful for that.
    plus, who doesn't love a cute cat pciture! 🙂 Really Admire you for your animal rescue work.


  2. It was very kind to include us/our human “mom.” Servant. She's really our servant. 😛

    Kim here: It's surprising, the connections that sometimes can made in cyber-space. Some of those connections are fleeting, some are longer-lasting, a very few end up being life-long. And some lucky Beings get to meet in person and cement the friendship.

    I'm a fairly solitary person in real life, for various reasons, usually preferring the company of the fur “kids” at this time of my life to that of most humans. Which is why blogging has turned out to be amazing–connecting with like-minded people who understand the excitement of normal litter box output, for example. LOL.

    Anyway, I think I'm rambling now and certainly I've lost the thread of what I wanted to post, so I'd best just stop here, wish you peace today and always, and thank you again for including me/us.


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