The Dark Side of Innocence

Growing Up Bipolar

By Terri Cheney

Many books have been written about the often misunderstood illness known as “Bipolar”, but few have been written about a bipolar childhood. Terri wrote this book with the hope of shedding light on this illness for the parents and loved ones of these children.

Terri Cheney tells her heartbreaking and frightening story of growing up trapped within herself. She explains that even as a child she was aware of her moods and her feelings being controlled by what she called “The Black Beast”. It controlled Terri and everything in her world. Though she was acutely aware of it, she was just as aware of its effect on her. She felt helpless, completely at the mercy of this relentless “Black Beast”. She also felt the strain of the burden of keeping it hidden.

Terri is honest and open in discussing her feelings and behaviors as a bipolar child. She tries to give insight and shed light on the actions associated with this illness. Terri tells of the moods that ranged from her “Disneyland Days” to her suicide attempt at age seven.

Throughout her youth, Terri struggled with extremely high intelligence that put her in advanced classes. This exposed her to situations far beyond her years, and excited the Black Beast to almost consume her.

Terri Cheney’s writing is powerful and compelling. This is an important book whether you are bipolar, know someone who may be, or want to understand this confusing, complex disorder.

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