5 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day, 11-11-11

  1. I didn't realize Canadians celebrated Veterans's Day (when the US does).
    God Bless our Sister Candians, too…the greatest US allies!
    BTW, I love the Canadian anthem, and can know it by heart. I learned it going to the Michigan Int'l Speedway where they sing it, after the U.S. anthem, and where many Canadians also enjoy the races! We're all in this together!


  2. Yes, it used to be Armistice Day, and I think the UK and Australia still call it that–not sure. But the Commonwealth countries–and US–all honour their veterans on the same day. We all wear poppies–those that get one–and we pause at 11AM for a minute or two of silence. Lots of ceremonies country-wide, the big one in Ottawa, our country's capitol. This year's Silver Cross Mother lost her son in Afghanistan, so Remembrance Day no longer is about WWI, II, and the Korean War.

    Too much war and strife…I despair of the human ego ever learning tolerance.


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