The Golden Sky Blogfest!

The Golden Sky

comes after the storm…
By E C Stilson
The Golden Sky is a prodigious book. To realize that this is a journal is astounding. I feel privileged to read such an intensely personal and intimate book.
E C Stilson’s writing is heartfelt and genuine. Her ability to take emotions and capture them so clearly on paper is extraordinary. With each sentence and paragraph that she writes, she makes you feel.
Very young, E C marries Cade. Together they start a family, having little Ruby. By nineteen, they are expecting their second baby, Zeke. But there are unexpected problems, and there is unforeseen sorrow of the deepest kind. At two months of age, they lose baby Zeke.
The death of her son rattles her, her marriage, and her family to its very core. Cade becomes lost in his own grief. Determined to give her daughter the love and life that she deserves, E C pushes herself forward.
Grief, as love, changes us. When we lose a love we lose a bit of ourselves, and grief moves into that place. We each grieve differently, as did E C and Cade and little Ruby. We have to heal within our own heart and soul before we can see to reach out to another. But when we do, we can complete our healing.
E C Stilson takes you into her world of heartbreak born of the deepest and truest love. She opens her soul to us, baring her innermost thoughts and feelings. For her to share this sorrow so clearly and eloquently, is brave and beyond altruistic. She has a genuine gift for writing. I recommend E C Stilson and her book wholeheartedly. She is amazing.

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