What the Heck?

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The prompt this week was: What the Heck?

Immediately, I thought: “What the heck…?” Is this prompt, “What the heck, why not?” or is it, “What the heck, what now?” After much pondering (thanks, Brenda), I came to the realization that there are many responses to this. In fact, often one leads to the other, and sometimes with surprising results.

Bill and I live a very simple, stable life. We planned it that way, worked at it, actually. We have lived over twenty-three of our thirty-plus years in the same simple house. We try to be good citizens and decent people.

It was a shock when after thirty-five years in one career (22 years at one place and 8 years at another when the first place closed), Bill was laid off. After smoke and mirrors, false hope and empty promises, Bill was without a job. What the heck?!  What were we going to do?

Unemployment only lasts so long and Bill is not one to be idle or complacent. He put out dozens and dozens of resumes! Finally he took a job to fill in the monetary gap, until a position within his field opened up. What the heck? What choice was there?

After a year of that job, it was not working out on many levels. The pay was poor. The environment was less than desirable. It was not Bill. The economy being what it is, there is nothing moving in Bill’s field of work. He decided perhaps it was time for a change. What the heck?

He had to do something, so he went back to school. Bill completely changed careers. He is currently going through the rigors of orientations and trying to adjust to his (our) new life.

There have been many What the Heck? moments for us, from family to health, in the past few years. We have learned that sometimes the best-laid plans are not what actually happens, and we are left to wonder What the Heck? Ultimately, however, decisions must be made. Life does go on. It is what it is. What doesn’t kill you can make you stronger.

So, What the heck; what now? leads to What the heck, why not? The future reveals the answer to both.

Oh, what the heck?!

5 thoughts on “What the Heck?

  1. Ha, good post! Though I would say life is more, “What the h*ll was that all about?!” 🙂

    Good for Bill for making such a significant life change after so long in one field. Never easy, but I think it becomes more daunting to make huge changes as we get older, because we become so comfortable in our “boxes.”


  2. Your subject is serious, but your light hearted aproach to it is spirit lifting. If everyone could just move on, keep going, look for the positives, and take new directions as you have over and over in your not so simple life, the world would be a better place. I was wondering what you would do with this “ponder”, now I know … and I am impressed, once again, with who you are.



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