Don’t Sing at the Table

Life Lessons from My Grandmothers
By Adriana Trigiani
In this memoir, Adriana Trigiani introduces us to her grandmothers, Lucia & Viola. Through their approach to and way of life, they were lifelong role models. Their life lessons are their legacy.
Adriana writes a chapter on each woman, giving her history while giving tribute to that woman. Each chapter is a gift to that woman and to the reader, as well. Many photographs add to the beauty of the book and bring the history and the women to life.
Clinging to traditions and simple values, Lucy and Viola managed to forge ahead through life and all that it brought, including the most difficult times. Spirituality and morals were the foundation for both women; this they imparted upon family and generations to come. Chapters in the book share their wisdom on marriage, children, and the many aspects of family and life.
The lives of these very real women are relatable. From their roles as working women and mothers, they faced what many women face today. It is their spirit and common sense that immortalize them.
This is a very special memoir, and much more. It honors two very special women. Their wisdom, advice and lessons are timeless. All women should strive to be this type of role model for future generations. It is sad to think that not everyone has women like these grandmothers in their lives. Those who do should indeed honor them.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Sing at the Table

  1. It sounds like a lovely book. I knew only my dad's mom when I was young–mom's mother died shortly after I was born.

    So my Grandma and grandpa divorced at 60 and she had a face lift, hit the bars and picked up the sailors half her age. Seriously. She was a “cougar” decades before the word came to have that meaning.

    Not sure she would have taught the right life lessons, though. 🙂


  2. I love this author and have read many of her books. I especially love the Big Stone Gap series, which I heard was being made into a movie. This sounds like a wonderful book!


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