Making Rounds with Oscar

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The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat
By David Dosa, MD
The instincts and intuitive abilities of animals are long debated, yet proven. After meeting Oscar, even skeptical Dr. Dosa will now agree with that.
Dr. Dosa began his rounds at the retirement home quite skeptical of the stories of such things as animal intuition and the power of pets. Yet those who knew Oscar knew of his power to know who needed him and were quite protective of Oscar and his gift. He was a special member of the staff.
Over time, Dr. Dosa bonded with patients and their families and the nurses at the facility. Eventually he bonded with Oscar, as well. As he did he could no longer deny Oscar’s gift. It was not only a gift that Nature had bestowed on Oscar, but one that Oscar bestowed on those who needed comforting.
No one can deny that Oscar comforted many people. He had a sense who needed it the most, and that is where he stayed, easing their final days on earth. He was a constant presence with those that were dying and their families, as well.
Dr. Dosa learned the power of Oscar’s extraordinary gift and finally accepted it and Oscar. And Dr. Dosa was comforted, too.

5 thoughts on “Making Rounds with Oscar

  1. Dear Ann,
    The story of Oscar brings to mind how Dulcy, the cat with whom I lived for over 17 years, would comfort me.

    I remember so well the time I got turned down for an important job that I needed badly because my finances were so depleted. I didn't get the job. I sat in an easy chair in the living room and cried.

    Dulcy jumped up on my lap and looked at me intently with her sweet face and then lifted her right paw and gently tapped my cheek again and yet again. She was letting me know that all was well in our world. We had each other.



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