"Tails" of the Afterlife

True Stories of Ghost Pets

By Peggy Schmidt

I believe in the Afterlife. I believe that there is a Heaven, and I believe that there are animals there. I cannot imagine Heaven without them! Every devoted pet owner knows about the Rainbow Bridge. We believe this is where our pets go to cross over to the Afterlife. This is the comfort that fills the void left in our hearts where they depart this life.

As a well-seasoned paranormal expert, Peggy Schmidt has lead numerous ghost tours. She has written and documented a wide variety of experiences, including the pets in this book. “Tails” of the Afterlife: True Stories of Ghost Pets is a very comforting book for those who feel as I do about this topic. Peggy has created a beautiful book full of stories, personal experiences from pet owners, and many colour photographs of the pets she writes about.

The stories in this book are unique and interesting. Each story is touching, showing the power of the human-to-animal bond. In one story, a dog reappears to assist another pet in crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Another dog appeared just in time to save his family from a fire. In other stories, pets remain in their earthly home, seemingly held there by love.

The book includes an appendix that addresses topics such as communicating with the deceased, including pets, and knowing when it is time to let pets move on, across the Rainbow Bridge. 

Peggy Schmidt writes about what others have experienced, while being open about her own experiences and thoughts. She is owned by eight Jack Russell terriers.

This is a nicely done book for those who believe, or even those who want to.


4 thoughts on “"Tails" of the Afterlife

  1. That would be an interesting read, I'm sure.

    I actually don't believe in an “afterlife” as described in various religions. I don't think the human mind can know what Absolute Truth is–or even if there is Absolute Truth. I also don't believe in the Rainbow Bridge, though certainly understand that its concept is very comforting, as is that of “heaven” to we humans who can't accept a life without intrinsic meaning.

    However, what I do believe is that if there is any kind of continuation of ego (our identities), then what exists for humans exists for All Beings. Because I don't see humans as somehow superior and therefore exclusively worthy of “life after death.”

    Frankly, I don't want my messy ego to continue after death. Ugh.

    Maybe “I” will just become stardust, cosmic energy, and be reunited with the Beings I've loved in that way.

    Who knows? 🙂


  2. Dear Ann,
    I'm the friend with whom Elisa spoke today about pets and the afterlife. I told her the story about how after Dulcy died–we'd lived together for seventeen and a half years–she channeled a book through me.

    Crown published it in 1992 and we called it “A Cat's Life: Dulcy's Story.” I am selling copies of the trade paperback on my blog site. Also I now have turned her book into an e-book.

    So your posting today reflected just what I believe about the animals with whom we live. Love is never lost.

    I'm wondering if you would be interested in reviewing Dulcy's book here on your blog. If so,
    please leave a comment with address–I won't post it–on my blog. http://www.cominghometomyself.blogspot.com

    On Amazon there are several readers' comments about Dulcy's book.

    Thank you and peace to you today.


  3. I, too, believe that our pets will be there to greet us when we cross over. My sister lost her beloved dog last year, and I am going to recommend this book to her. Thanks!


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