Maggie’s Bath

Chloe loves her “big sister” Maggie,

sometimes to Maggie’s dismay.
Maggie is patient & tries to indulge Chloe,

knowing that Chloe is very persistent,
and does not take “No” for an answer.
Chloe gets her way as always,

which is wanting Maggie’s attention.

Clean and comfy, now…

it’s nap time.

10 thoughts on “Maggie’s Bath

  1. Chloe & Grizelda just turned 1, and Maggie just turned 4. Maggie took to them right away when I rescued them at 2 days old. Chloe idolizes Maggie. It is very sweet to see Chloe take care of Maggie now. Chloe loves everybody…she grooms anyone who will hold still long enough. Seriously. *lol*


  2. Now I see the pics, thanks!

    So sweet. And no tussling match ensues, either. With Nicki and Derry a “bath” lasts mere seconds before dissolving into a vigorous tussle. 🙂

    -Kim (Fuzzy Tales)


  3. OH WOW, I love it! Our white maine coon does the bathing in our house. He can't walk by any of the kitties without giving them a wash. I love how you were able to get the photos. Happy Holidays


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