Feeling Beachie’s Fun Four Fill-In

Every Friday, Hilary at Feeling Beachie posts four statements. This week the co-host is Sarah of The Mama Pirate. It is our fun mission to fill in each statement as it pertains to us. Here are this week’s questions, followed by my answers.

This week’s statements:
1. ________ is not my strongest virtue
2. _________ is my favorite meal of the day
3. ___________ is my ____________
4. Whenever ____________ happens, I always _____________.

My Answers:
1. Trust is not my strongest virtue. I have a hard time trusting other people.
2. Lunch/dinner is my favorite meal of the day. You may make it big or little, and have plenty of fuel to get you through the day. I am not a breakfast person; just coffee, please. Supper can be too much!
3. “Myself” is my own worst enemy. Whether or not it is proper English, it is true.
4. Whenever something bad (around me) happens, I always blame or question myself.

Okay…there you have it, truth & all! Now hop on over to Hilary’s and enjoy her awesome blog. And check out Sarah the Mama Pirate, too! Everyone, have a fun-filled week!

5 thoughts on “Feeling Beachie’s Fun Four Fill-In

  1. Dear McGuffy Ann,
    Blaming ourselves is something many of us must have learned when we were children. I'm trying to let go of that tendency. I hope you are trying too. Be gracious to yourself. It's clear that your readers find you special.



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