Brenda at Fiction with a Purpose presents a weekly pondering & writing prompt. It is our mission to ponder and then share what we write. Her most recent prompt is: wallow.
I gave this a lot of thought, as I do most things. I ponder constantly, perhaps too much. My husband says I think too much, but he says a lot of things…that is an entirely different “ponder”: husbands and how they think.
My thoughts are: I don’t wallow. Personally, I dislike wallowing. I never feel sorry for myself. I am more inclined to feel badly for those around me, having to deal with me and my issues. So, I will admit quite readily, that I “hide”. I withdraw. When I am threatened, hurt, overwhelmed or in pain of any sort, I withdraw. I burrow in and hide. It is how I cope; it is what I know. This is how I can sort through things, including my feelings. I often write through it, which is obvious in my poetry.
So if I am missing, I am not wallowing. I am probably hiding.

9 thoughts on “Wallowing

  1. What a fab bloghop! Love the cute lol pic!

    Unfortunately I like to hide AND wallow as in I have times when I feel very very sorry for myself but I do so very privately. No-one will ever see me wallow in self-pity except for maybe Charlie and he just ignores me anyway! LOL!

    Take care


  2. I've been known to wallow, especially when I was younger. Though looking back, it's hard to say how much was being mired in self-pity and how much was related to brain chemistry (depression).

    Now, “wallowing” in a hot tub with your beverage of choice would be enjoyable. 🙂


  3. Dear McGuffy Ann,
    Every so often a good wallow just cleans out the pores of my mind and my heart. I only do this for about fifteen minutes and then I rise from the sofa where I'm keening and make myself a cup of tea! It works for me.



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