The Meerkat Wars

By H. S. Toshack
H. S. Toshack has written a third book in his Paka Mdogo: Little Cat series. Our little heroine is Sheena, a domestic cat. As in her first two books, Sheena is off on an adventure.
In The Meerkat Wars, Sheena’s family goes on an African Safari. Sheena stows away in the back of their vehicle, and ends up in the middle of a warzone. There is a war amongst the tribes of Meerkat in the Baragandiri National Park. Sheena becomes the mediator, and hopeful peacemaker for the Meerkat.
As in any situation involving war, there is violence. However, this is a chapter novel for young adults. As an educator, H. S. Toshack handles these situations with intelligence and moral lessons. Tolerance and acceptance are stressed. The book is filled with natural facts and interaction of Meerkat. The lessons are easily applicable to human nature, as well.
I highly recommend this book and series. Well written, the books are both adventurous and educational. H. S. Toshack plans more books based on his Paka Mdogo: Little Cat. His following of readers continues to grow in number, and in age.

One thought on “The Meerkat Wars

  1. Dear McGuffy Ann,
    I went to the library site to look for the series by Toshack, but this system doesn't have any. So I'll look on-line or at Barnes and Noble to see if I can find one of his books. I like young adult chapter books and a series on cats would be a treat to find. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.



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