A Cat’s Life

Dulcy’s Story
As Given to Dee Ready
This is a very special and beautifully told story, from a cat’s point of view. Dulcinea, “Dulcy”, tells the story of her life with her human, Dee Ready.
The perspective and awareness is remarkable. From the beginning, their interaction was based upon a mutual respect and love. The result was a strong yet tender bond, lasting a lifetime and beyond.
Both cat and human were present both physically and emotionally for each other, through many of life’s changes and situations. They shared a spiritual connection. Not only was Dee blessed by Dulcy, I believe Dulcy was most assuredly blessed by Dee.
Anyone who has experienced a deep emotional connection with a pet will not only understand, but appreciate this very heartfelt book. It is a joy and a tribute to that special bond between the two species of human and cat. All those who have shared love with a cat should have this book on their shelf. It is sure to be a favorite book, read often.
To quote Dulcy (and Dee), “At the end, all that matters is love…”

6 thoughts on “A Cat’s Life

  1. Dear McGuffey Ann,
    Thank you from both Dulcy and me for this lovely review of her story. You captured in words the great tenderness that existed between the two of us for seventeen and a half years and that I continue to feel whenever I think of her sweetness.



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