We Have Been Tagged!

Maggie & I have been tagged by Brenda & Muttley, of Brenda Youngerman.
We have a list of questions we must each answer. Then we get to tag others!


Here we go!
1. Describe yourself in seven words:
Mom: cautious, conservative, faithful, honest, persistent, sensitive, trustworthy
Maggie: affectionate, beautiful, curious, furry, pampered, polydactyl, worthy
2. What keeps you up at night?
Mom: Grizelda & Chloe
Maggie: Grizelda & Chloe
3. Who would you like to be?
Mom: Maggie
Maggie: I’m “Me”…there is no one I’d rather be!
4. What are you wearing now?
Mom: Jeans & a Tie-Dyed T-shirt (the usual)
Maggie: My beautiful white coat & a smug look (the usual)
5. What scares you?
Mom: Something happening to Bill, especially now that he is a long-haul truck driver.
Maggie: The vacuum cleaner!
6. The best & worst of blogging:
Mom: I love the interaction, ideas, and people! I feel bad when I don’t have time because of health or other unavoidable issues.
Maggie: I love the time Mom is still so I can be near her uninterrupted. I hate when she tells me to get off of the desk or printer.
7. The last website I visited:
Mom: A View from the Edge (Pat)
Maggie: McGuffy’s Reader; I was watching Mom.
8. The one thing I would change about myself:
Mom: I would be able to walk…without pain!!
Maggie: Why would I need to change?!?
9. Slankets: yes or no?
Mom: No; I’m claustrophobic. I love blankets, throws & quilts!
Maggie: I’ll lay on anything comfy!
10. Something about the one who tagged me:
Mom: Brenda is an intelligent, wise, talented writer. She is both professional, yet personal. I adore & admire her.
Maggie: Muttley is a poor thumbless dog. I feel sad for him being afraid of everything! He is very lucky to have Brenda, though!!

Now we will tag:
Patrice & Wendell  Everyday Ruralty
Angie & her Cats Angels are Kids and Furkids
Kim & her ManCats Fuzzy Tales
Michelle & Alice The True Book Addict

Thank you, Brenda & Muttley!
This was fun!

9 thoughts on “We Have Been Tagged!

  1. What the heck are slankets, anyway? I've seen this on other blogs doing this little game.

    Thanks for tagging the boys…You know we're not blogging much at all right now, I'm burnt out and feeling generally blah. I'll jot a note, though, to do this at some point.

    BTW, I might switch the boys' blog to their own Fuzzy Tales account, if so, I'll post a notice on the CB. No “followers” gadget or comments, at least in the short term, IF I do. I REALLY need a break from the obligations that *I* feel are inherent as part of the CB.

    -Kim: Fuzzy Tales


  2. Dear McGuffy Ann,
    Indeed, that was a lot of fun. Maggie does take herself seriously, but she truly appreciates you.

    I hope you are feeling better. I've been away from your blog for a while because of being a little off physically. So sorry to have missed your posts but I see you went to the Arizona Mayo's and will be going back in March.

    Please take care of yourself. I remain very grateful to you for your review of Dulcy's story. Thank you again.



  3. Everything you said about yourself was true and Maggie's answers are spot on. I know if she could speak, she would say it just the way you did. She was a little rough on poor thumbless Muttly though. I guess I am getting to know you too well because nothing surprises me anymore. This is where I would put a smiley face if I had the option.



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