Meet Andrea!

I am fortunate to have a neighbor who has become a very close friend, as well. We have shared a lot these past few years! One of the many things we have in common is our love for animals and nature.
Andrea has been very supportive of my efforts in writing and blogging. She has her own talents, too. She is responsible for creating my blog header and other items on my blog. She is also a very talented photographer, with a keen eye.
After much encouragement on my part, Andrea has started her own blog! I am so excited to introduce her to you. Please meet my friend, Andrea.
Andrea, please tell us about your blog.
The idea of my blog is to have a place to share my photographs, some of my thoughts about them and maybe about other things.  I am in the early stages of developing it so the future will dictate what it will become.

How did you choose the name for it?
I love nature, as you know, and the sun nourishes all of nature and shines a light on it.  The “Sol” version of sun is a play on words that also describes that my pictures are a reflection of my inner self…my soul. The picture of the Sunflower with the bee’s make a perfect smiley face, and stresses the uplifting nature of what I want my blog to be.
What are your hopes and plans for it?
I hope to meet others who share my interests and can enlighten me with theirs.  I will also greet critics who have something helpful to say.  It is an effort to expand my horizons, while hopefully helping others expand theirs.
What would you like others to know about you?
On my blog, I wrote an introduction that tells my story.  I hope that people will get to know me through my art. I am sure they will interpret me in their own way, so that I either fit or don’t fit in their lives.  Sharing with others is enriching and I am blessed to have a very good friend who has opened this door for me.

Is there anything else you would like to say? 
Thank you, Annie, for all you do for me…you are a delight and I love you for it.

6 thoughts on “Meet Andrea!

  1. It is wonderful to meet all of you as well. Annie speaks highly of her blog friends so I am honored to have her introduce me to all of you. My blog will have a different focus, but I hope you can find something that interests you … on any given day. Thank you for the warm welcome and Thank you, Annie, for making all possible.


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