Come Chat on the Farmhouse Porch

It is time to visit with Patrice & Wendell at Everyday Ruralty . Every Tuesday they have a good old fashioned “chat” on their front porch. They pose questions for visitors to answers. Come join in!

This Week’s Questions:
1. What’s you favorite kind of salad?
2. How old were you when you learned to cook?
3. What’s your favorite kind of store? (grocery, garden, department, cooking, bookstore, etc)
4. If you could have lived during another time in history, what time would that have been?
5. I’m looking forward to_______________.
My Answers:
1. My favourite kind of salad is spinach salad. I love  most salads, with the exception of iceberg lettuce.
2. I was probably about 12 when I learned to cook, though I didn’t actually get good at it until I was well into my teens.
3. My favourite kind of store is any book store. I can spend hours in a book store!
4. If I could have lived in any time in history, I would have loved to have lived in the late 1900s, in America. I think that was an interesting time for our country for many reasons.
5. I’m looking forward to being healed (after the ankle revision) and able to walk again  pain-free!!

Thank you Patrice! Hugs to you & Wendell!

10 thoughts on “Come Chat on the Farmhouse Porch

  1. I am so glad that you stopped by my blog and clicked on that 'follow' button! I feel like I know you already, after taking a few minutes to poke around your blog!
    I adore Maine Coon cats, but haven never had one (yet!), and by coydog… do you mean part coyote and part dog? My grandmother had a coyote mix, but had to rehome him. He would howl and attract coyotes to their ranch. They raised sheep. Coyotes and sheep don't mix very well.
    Thanks for following and I'm looking forward to following you!


  2. Oh, so sorry about having ankle surgery. When is that scheduled to happen? HOPE the rest of your week goes well…thanks so much for stopping by and following me at Wise Old Owl!!! Looking forward to getting to know you better!!


  3. Learn to cook? Did I ever learn to cook? Well, I can follow a recipe when I choose to, but choose not to, most of the time. 🙂

    I'm with you on the bookstore. Used to LOVE browsing for hours in second hand book stores–love the old dusty, musty scent. But bookstores, especially used ones, are a rarity now. There's only one new-book one left in our city now, Chapters. Such a shame, too.

    Definitely NOT with you on living in any era without modern conveniences, medicine, hygiene, etc. LOL.

    But I wouldn't mind popping back to various times for a day, just to see what things were *really* like. Difficult and smelly. 😛


  4. Hi Ann Mc!
    I hear you! I love bookstores. LOVE them.
    I hope your ankle heals very quickly. Before it is all good as new, you can read A LOT. FUN!
    I popped over from Kim's. Nice to meet you!


  5. I wish you all the best for healing! I'm sorry that I didn't do the “tag”. I have been tagged a lot lately and I will just have to pass that for now. I'm working very long hours. Thanks for stopping by the porch! Wendell sends his best regards.


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