Hidden Truths

By Brenda Youngerman
Hidden Truths takes us into the world of children dealing with the consequences of their parent’s issues and actions. Two families are living very different lives. Yet when tragedy strikes each family, as is always the case, it is the children who suffer the most.
Billy and Wayne are the sons of Stan and Pat. They are a seemingly typical family, until Pat is suddenly killed. It is then that Stan’s struggle with alcohol spirals out of control, tearing what is left of his family apart.
Jack and Alice have a good life with daughter, Grace. When Gwen is born, it throws the family out of balance, ultimately dividing it. While Grace grows up happily, Gwen is isolated and abused.
Life’s circumstances affect each child in very different ways. However, all are affected by their parent’s reactions and responses to the harsh realities of life’s truths.
Brenda Youngerman has a rare gift of seeing the hidden truths in life, and sharing them in her novels. She takes on difficult, often painful situations, exploring them and seeking resolution. Her stories are realistic in their subject matter. She is sensitive to both the issues and the characters involved. As do all of the books by Brenda Youngerman, Hidden Truths will affect you and leave you thinking. It is a moving and very heartfelt novel.
Brenda Youngerman has just released the novel, Skewered Halo. You can read more about Brenda Youngerman and all of her books on her website, Fiction with a Purpose. She is a very wise and insightful author, one whom I admire and respect.

4 thoughts on “Hidden Truths

  1. I just finished Private Scars and Public Lies… I read them both in under 4 days!! And that is saying a lot for a mom with 3 kids, a home and shift worker hubby!
    You are so right in saying Brenda has a gift making these characters so real. I got so immersed in Nancy's life…I wanted to reach right through the book and help her.

    I guess I know what book to order next!


  2. Dear McGuffy Ann,
    Right now I need laughter in my life, so these books will probably be on my “to read” list for a while before I get hold them. But thank you for telling us about this gifted writer.



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