How Lovely!

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Thank you, RoryBore, of Time Out For Mom for honouring me with this award. This really means a lot to me. The reason she has chosen to give me this award makes it especially meaningful. This is what she said when she told me of the award:
“In your particular case:  it is your dedication and faithful commitment to animal rescue.  I wanted to call attention to and honour that.”
Thank you. To be given an award is wonderful. To be recognized for doing something that means so much to me, and calling attention to the importance of animal rescue is truly a lovely thing! Thank you.
Please visit Time Out For Mom , because she has a lovely blog, and is a lovely person.
Now I am pleased to pass this award to the following people for their lovely blogs:

*Angie of Angels are Kids and Furkids
for her warm, welcoming blog

*Patty of Books, Thoughts And A Few Adventures
for her sense of humour and hard work

*Patrice of Everyday Ruralty
for her comfortable, home-spun warmth

*Old Kitty of Ten lives and second chances
for her dedication to cats and their people

*Farm Girl of My Field of Dreams
for reminding us of the beauty around us

*Kea of Musings On A Small Life
for her sensitivity & creativity

PS…this was passed back to me by Angie of Angels are Kids and Furkids

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