Knowledge is Power

Human nature never ceases to amaze me. 

I consider myself to be intelligent, and take pride in this. My curiosity drives me to read and to learn, believing there is power in knowledge. It is in knowing things that we can either use the knowledge for the good of ourselves and others, or to change something that is wrong. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is simply the state of not knowing. Ignorance is also dangerous, allowing things that need to be changed to remain the way they are. The reason I am reflecting on this is something that has come to my attention recently.  

Social networking is a blessing and a curse. There is a “feed” on some sights, that shows the most recent posts of those on your list of “friends”, which essentially are people who are linked to your information and posts. Included on the feed are threads of conversation, comments and more postings. Okay, granted most people know all of this. Most of the world knows far more than I about “social networking” and how it works. 

I try to keep up, but I have limits. It takes up so much time to try to blog, post to Facebook, “Tweet” (if it is Twitter, shouldn’t it be “Twit”?). I have other things I need to or have to do. I do try, because there are those that I really connect with, and things I really care about. 

For me, part of what holds me back or some say puts me off, is the “chatter”. When I say something, I want it to be something of value. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. I like discussions, and opportunities to share knowledge. I try to share what I think has importance, and I seek that from others.

Recently, someone posted that they are sick and tired of the postings regarding animal neglect, abuse, and rescue. They stated that they log in to check out what their friends are doing. They do not want these things on their feed, and they want people to stop it.  

I understand the social aspect of these sites. I respect the right of people to post about their day, their dates, their parties, their personal issues, jobs, shopping trips, and updates of their TV shows, etc. They have every right to post whatever they want, and I will support them in that.  

I also appreciate the value of networking on these sites, as well. So, I personally use it to educate myself and others. I will continue to read and post things that I find of value and importance, including animal related items. 

I post these things because I believe it is through awareness that we educate others of the realities of animal neglect and abuse. This is what I want to stop. The only way to stop it, and hopefully prevent some of it is by facing it. Ignoring it does not mean it does not exist, it merely means you condone it.  I have a conscience that does not allow me to look away and condone these things. 

My intent is not to offend, it is to educate and perhaps inspire others to get involved in some form of rescue. If a post affects you, please use that to do something for the animals who cannot. Perhaps you can donate something to a local shelter or rescue facility.

If you have pets, love them. Imagine if they were to become lost or homeless, and what you would want someone to do to help them. Not all animals are as blessed as yours may be. 

9 thoughts on “Knowledge is Power

  1. I don't think it–you–should stop. I won't always, or even often, read a post about horrific abuse because, selfishly, it only upsets me and if my mood is low, makes me feel lower. I have to balance these things out with my mental health–that's my reality.

    I also think that a lot of these posts are, in fact, “preaching to the converted” for the most part. The people who commit these kinds of heinous acts aren't going to read a blog post about abuse and become enlightened. Probably a lot of them are on their way to being serial killers of humans. Psychopaths.

    I donate monthly to the shelter from which Nicki and Derry were adopted, I donate often around the Cat Blogosphere, to private rescuers or those otherwise in need. Not huge amounts, but in truth more than my budget can manage. I'm knitting shelter kitty blankets and do what I can.

    But I can't torture myself about something if I can't actually do something about it.

    One more depressed, unhappy person on the planet does NOT help the planet, IMO.

    Again, though, I don't think anyone should stop posting what they want. It's up to the blog follower/visitor to decide if s/he wants to read it.


  2. I don't think I will stop the perp. I do hope to move someone to report abuse or the abuser. Or perhaps to intercede by removing an animal from a bad situation. I personally cannot remain silent and do nothing, especially if I see or know of a situation. Animals have no voice …but people do.


  3. What you write is educational though perhaps sometimes depressing. If someone has a problem coping with the information, they should choose not to read that particular post. And on the days they feel up to it, they can learn from it. You are indeed preaching to the choir, based on your typical follower, but even the choir needs reminding once in awhile. People seem to think that they should never have to feel badly about anything. Yet pain is a motivator that can precipitate positive behaviors. We have so overprotected our children that they can hardly cope with difficult issues. We could all afford to toughen up. Only the reader knows what they can endure and so they can make the choice that is right for them … but you should never stop fighting for those who can't fight for themselves. It is not who you are and one of the reasons so many people love and respect you.

    Andrea @From The Sol


  4. In preaching to the choir, there is hope that they too will spread the word. It is all about reminding, making people aware, and making them think…out of that comes action. If no one does anything and becomes complacent or condones what is happening, it will surely continue. Not everyone is in the choir, and those that are use their voice.


  5. one of my favourite movie quotes is from Gladiator:

    “What we do in life, echoes in eternity.”

    what someone had for lunch, the new designer clutch they just bought, or their review on the latest DVD – all great info that we love to read about it — but it doesn't echo. not remotely.

    Sometimes knowing the harsh reality is the only way we can turn the tide. The only way to make a difference.

    you keep doing what you are doing — it will count in the end!


  6. In addition to you, I have two friends and my niece who frequently post rescue and cruelty awareness info on Facebook. I love them all the more for caring. Rather than someone telling you what to post or not post, they have that handy little option to “unsubscribe” to your postings! Funny how some folks like to think they should control the world to suit themselves! 😉


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