Maggie’s Vet Visit

Maggie is my girl. She came to me during a difficultime. I told her story (“The Rest of the Story…Maggie P. & Purrl”) not long after I started blogging. I wanted people to understand how special she is and why.

Lately, she hasn’t been quite herself. She is eating, drinking, mentoring her sisters, and otherwise very “Maggie”, but she seemed to occasionally wheeze. It seemed to be occasional, but this is not normal for Maggie. I watched her and kept an ear open for her breathing. She sleeps on my pillow at night, so it is easy to hear when she does it. In fact, that is how I noticed it initially. 

I cannot go away for my Arizona Mayo Clinic trip, and have major surgery knowing “something isn’t right” with my furbabies. So this morning, when I heard it again, I decided it is not my imagination. I am not over-reacting. I am her “Mom”, and I need to make sure she is okay. Even though Dad says she’s faking it, doing for attention, is overweight (she isn’t), has sleep apnea, is just lazy & snoring…Dad just loves to harass Maggie…I loaded her into her carrier and took her in to our wonderful vet’s office. 

After yelling at me the entire way there, she seemed fine while we waited. She socialized with a dachshund puppy, and some kids who thought she looked “fancy and beautiful”.
When it was her turn, she made it clear she was not impressed with the kind of attention Dr. Steve was bestowing on her. She tolerated the exam and tests, but with her usual disdain for that kind of thing. Petting and sweet-talking are appreciated and expected, probing and examining are neither.

The final diagnosis is that Maggie has asthma. We know she has allergies, and has to have her yearly shots six months apart rather than all at once. While it could be much worse, this is serious enough. I have asthma, and have had some bad experiences. Asthma is a chronic illness and can lead to other things, including death, if not monitored. Unfortunately, it can go undiagnosed or be misunderstood.

Maggie was given an anti-inflammatory injection, to settle her breathing down and stabilize it. She came home and slept the whole adventure off. 

We will monitor her asthma as we do her general health. But, it goes to show you; it’s true: a mother knows when something is not right.

12 thoughts on “Maggie’s Vet Visit

  1. Awww sweet Maggie!! She is adorable – what a wonderful wise face!! Glad she is home now and well done mum for trusting your instincts about her!

    I hope you both have a well deserve rest for the weekend! Take care


  2. Good thing you did take her in. Sometimes I think, oh, I'm being paranoid ('cause I can be), but we do know our fur companions best.

    I don't know much about feline (or human asthma, but I believe I've read that there are degrees of it, that some cats might have flare-ups only very rarely, others more often.

    So purrs from the boys that all will be well!


  3. Ah Maggie!!!! It is so true that the Mom knows when something is wrong!!! That is exactly how it was with Buddy! I took him in and said “I may be nuts but he just does not seem right” and lo and behold —he wasn't!!! Glad you took her and that there is an answer to her problem. I hope that she responds really well to the meds. Hugs and pats!


  4. I never knew cats can get asthma. That's sad…I suppose they are just like us though. I hope she is OK…isn't it great that we just know when something is wrong with our furbabies..


  5. Aww, poor Maggie. I know asthma can be serious, but at least it wasn't something even more serious than that. She looks plum tuckered out after her vet visit. Alice was the same way when we got back from the vet last week.

    Ann, have I missed something? What is this major surgery at the Mayo Clinic. Where have I been? I feel terrible that I didn't know and haven't said anything. Now I'm worried. Whatever it is, I will certainly be keeping you in my thoughts and sending positive vibes your way. =O)


  6. I would like to read this story. I have a cat named Stormy who will soon be 15 years old, that has been with me on the difficult journey of my life, he is my first love, and the king of our domain. Please send me password access to this post if possible. Thank You!


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