Pondering with Purpose

It’s time to “Ponder with a Purpose”, with Brenda Youngerman
So go on over to her blog, link up, and post about her current topic.                

               Scary Movies…

…are just not worth the time or energy…
or lost sleep.

4 thoughts on “Pondering with Purpose

  1. LOL…great picture.

    I had a cat once that used to go into my spare bedroom and sit and stare up at one corner. always that corner. I always wondered what she staring at….and hardly ever went into that room! *chills*


  2. Clowns give me the creeps, always have. Does do glowing eyes and ghosts. 🙂

    I never have watched really scary movies or read horror fiction. I don't get the appeal. I absolutely do NOT want to be frightened.


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