Please Excuse Me

Please excuse me. 
I feel very bad about my absence. 
To be honest, I just have not felt up to it 
or anything else. 
I am reading, so 
I have book reviews coming! 
But I have not felt well, 
both physically and emotionally. 
This entire surgical revision, 
and all that goes with it, 
is very difficult. 
In fact, it is even harder 
than I thought it would be.
Please be patient with me.
I appreciate it.

11 thoughts on “Please Excuse Me

  1. Oh, my goodness, everyone understands, no one expects you or anyone else to post all the time. It's blogging. I mean, it's great, it's fun…but it's not the most important thing in life, IMO. Not even on the top 10 list, really.

    Just take the time you need to get better, to recover.

    Purrs from the boys and universal Light from me.


  2. you don't feel bad about taking time to rest for one minute! it has been a lot you've gone through – and once you are feeling better, your mojo will return. and we will be here waiting!
    My own blog has been neglected this past week while we try to fix our computer. I think the withdrawal symptons are starting to ease up though- LOL


  3. Oh you don't need to feel badly at all! What you do need to do is rest and relax and recoup!!! Good grief. We all will be right here when you have energy and time to come on back!!! Healing hugs on the way!


  4. Dearest McGuffy, you don't owe us apologies, nor do you need forgiveness. It is very understandable that you just aren't feeling up to blogging at the moment. We all go thru periods like that due to various things that occur in our lives. The best way to blog I have learned, is to do it when you are able and the spirit moves you, and don't feel guilty when it doesn't happen. Life does get in the way of blogging… I think that's the way the priorities are supposed to be! Sending prayers and positive energy your way for healing of heart, mind, body and soul. I know you'll be back with some good book reviews and furkid updates soon! Take care, rest up, and know that you are loved here in blogland!


  5. Don't worry about us, we support you no matter what. I know I will ALWAYS be in your corner rooting for you. You just focus on some you time and getting feeling better. 🙂 Many many hugs and well wishes!!!


  6. All of your comments are wonderful and true. I can't say more than they have said, and you already know how I feel. I will always be there for you, so plug on good friend. It is a steep climb, but the reward at the top is immeasurable. Stay strong …



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