Whole Latte Life

Whole Latte Life
By Joanne DeMaio
Joanne DeMaio is a notable author having penned music essays. This is her debut novel, combining her passion for both friendship and coffee. She is also an active blogger.
“Whole Latte Life” tells the story of Sara Beth Riley and her summer of self- discovery. With the help and wisdom of her best friend Rachel, Sara Beth re-evaluates everything about herself and her life.
As they meet for lunch to celebrate their 40th birthdays, they suddenly find themselves on a life-changing adventure. Friendship leads them from city to small town, in a search of both who and what they are meant to be. They challenge each other, themselves, and everything they thought they knew about life, grief, and love.
Grief often causes one to look at life with a different perception. Losing a loved one reminds us that life is short, and how we spend our time is our own choice.
Rachel helps Sara, as friends do, to look at her life, sort it out, and to live the life that she is truly meant to live, the one that will make her happy.
“Whole Latte Life” is a beautiful novel of becoming one’s true self, of lifelong friendship, life, love, and discovering that it is never too late to find the perfect blend.

6 thoughts on “Whole Latte Life

  1. Hi McGuffy Ann, Thanks so much for the thoughtful review of my novel. You really got to the heart of the story, especially your line about choosing how we spend our time. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I hope your readers will too.


  2. Hey! I'm here from Joanne's blog. Her novel is also on my TBR pile! And I love your name, McGuffy! Also have to mention two of my favorite books are on your Library Thing….A Girl Named Zippy, and the Elizabeth Berg. Actually I've loved almost every Berg book. Glad I stopped by, thanks!


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