Farmhouse Porch Chat

It is time to visit Patrice & Wendell at Everyday Ruralty. I am very happy to join in this week! Having had the ankle surgery revision at Mayo/Phoenix, being so far from home, post surgical things, etc. I just haven’t been blogging as I like to! But I am trying!
Patrice poses questions for us to join in and answer. Please join us!
Here are our questions for the week:
1.Would you prefer to watch a movie in a theater or at home?
2.Do you have a specific way for managing change(coins)? This could be a bank, a large piece of pottery, or an old bottle. Perhaps you roll it right away for the bank, give it to your kids, or spend it instead of letting it accumulate.
3.How often do you have to vacuum?
4.Do you prefer flooring, carpet, or rugs?
5.This week is my birthday! Yay! If I could visit you for 1-2 hours, where would  you take me.Patrice, Aren’t you being a bit presumptuous? Do you think I’d actually want to take you anywhere? Don’t you know I only read your blog to see Wendell? Seriously, well not exactly, but humor me anyway- would we go for a walk in your garden, to a nearby antique store, to a tea room or coffee shop? A Happy Meal? Hello- are you still there? I just thought this question would be fun.
My Answers:
1. The theater, only because I rarely get to! 
2. I collect old and odd coins. I have jars of them and books, too. There’s history and art in old coins. Newer coins, I just collect and then cash in.
3. I have cats and a very old dog (who sheds badly now)…I usually vacuum daily. Right now I have a young woman come in to vacuum for me. I pay her, but it is worth it, since I cannot do anything.
4. Flooring is easier, I think. I do like throw rugs, though.
5. Happy Birthday! I would take you to Julie’s Coffee. It is a very artistic, crafty, unique, fun coffee house. Julie is awesome! She is warm, sweet, artistic, creative and down-to-earth. Going to her place is like going to a friend’s home. All of the decor is art, made by local artists. She has art shows and poetry readings, which are all very warm and comfortable to attend.
*Wendell, we will address your birthday when it is time. Happy Birthday, Patrice!

7 thoughts on “Farmhouse Porch Chat

  1. Hi! Here's your question for One Question Wednesday… You have rescued several animals over the years, giving them a new home and life – which proved to be your most difficult/challenging rescue animal,and which rescue experience was the most rewarding?


  2. Julie's coffee sounds like a place I could get really comfy at!

    I so miss going to the theatre. home is definitely more convenient and cheaper these days, but there is something about the shared experience in a theatre.


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