Kitty Cornered

~How Frannie and Five Other 
Incorrigible Cats Seized Control 
Of Our House and 
Made It Their Home

By Bob Tarte 

Bob Tarte has a very inviting, open manner of writing. His sense of humour and honesty are key elements as he writes about animals, his life with them, and himself. He has been a favourite author of mine since I read his first book, “Enslaved by Ducks”, followed by “Fowl Weather”.
In “Kitty Cornered”, Bob takes us back to his Michigan home to tell us about life with his cats. Bob sees within each cat a life worth saving and a story worth telling. With his humorous but keen insight, we learn how each cat comes to Bob & his wife, Linda’s home. As they learn to fit into the household, Bob finds that he also has lessons to learn. He also sees reflections of himself. He shares not only the cat’s story, but also what he learned about and from the cat.
Bob confesses that he was not originally a “cat person”, but further admits to having been won over by their honesty, and similar ways of viewing their environment, life, each other, and themselves.
“Kitty Cornered” is a wonderful, warm and fuzzy book. It is a definite must-read for cat lovers. Bob Tarte is funny, wise, and very human. His books have heart and soul. I highly encourage you to read “Kitty Cornered”, and all of Bob Tarte’s books.

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