Just a friendly reminder: April is prevent animal cruelty month. 
I took the pledge. I hope you will, too. It’s important.
Not all animals are safe and cared for. They have no voice.
Together, we can end neglect and abuse. Please join us.
Lives are counting on you. Love is the reward.

6 thoughts on “Reminder!

  1. you'll be happy to know that Angel Girl rescued a worm from certain 5 year old boy cruelty yesterday at her party. It was a close call, but he/she is happily (and hopefully) doing my garden wonders now.

    sounds trivial, but hey…still is one of God's creatures, right? I hope that as the grow older, it will translate to all animals.


  2. I am proud of & impressed by Angel Girl.
    No, it is not trivial. They are God's creatures, and He commanded we care for them.
    Good job! And you have amazing kids. Just like their Mom. Hugs.


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