Four Feet Tall & Rising

Four Feet Tall & Rising
By Shorty Rossi
You may know Shorty Rossi as “The Pit Boss”. He has had a big impact on Animal Planet, and the world of dogs. In spite of his size and stature, Shorty Rossi is indeed “four feet tall & rising”.
As a little person, Luigi “Shorty” Rossi learned that life was going to be very different for him than for that of his peers. He also learned that what didn’t kill him made him stronger. Tenacity became Shorty’s way.
A turbulent childhood only made Shorty more determined to go for more, try harder, to make the most of what he had but not to settle for it. Shorty took all that was available to him and sought more. Shorty took it upon himself to use his intelligence and wits to do whatever it took to get out of a difficult life.
In youth, Shorty Rossi struggled with many things that we all do: family, peer pressure, and all that is youth. For him it lead to gang situations, legal troubles, and time in prison. Again, it only made the tenacious Shorty more determined to rise above all the difficulties that surrounded him. He knew he was better than that and wanted better out of life.
With so many hard learned lessons behind him, Shorty now knew what and who is important to him. He had found that dog is indeed this man’s best friend. Shorty and the Pit Bull had formed a bond. Shorty found a devotion and unconditional love beyond what he had ever known. And he found a purpose.
While Shorty Rossi owns and operates a talent agency for “little people”, his number one business is his pit bull dog rescue. It doesn’t stop there. In saving Pit Bulls, Shorty is just as determined to educate people on this unique breed of dog.
Personally, I have a deep respect for Luigi “Shorty” Rossi, and for his mission. He has taken a life of personal struggle and turned it into an inspirational story of success, on many levels. He is a man larger than life, with heart and soul.

Shorty & His Dogs
Shorty’s Rescue: Shorty, 
with Ronald, Ashley, Hercules & Sebastian

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6 thoughts on “Four Feet Tall & Rising

  1. Today's my lucky day! I would love to win a copy of this book! I have seen his show several times on TV and you forget that he is short! How are you doing? I hope all is well!


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