Farmhouse Porch Chat #39

It is time to join Patrice & Wendell at Everyday Ruralty, 
for a chat!
I am so very glad to know you are feeling better, Wendell. 
You had us worried!
It is always a nice time here; thanks, Patrice!

This week’s questions:
1.What’s the last big gathering you attended? (wedding, funeral, graduation, party, riot,etc)
2.Do you switch over your seasonal wardrobe, wear the same things year round, have a huge closet to put it all in, or throw everything out and buy new each season(I threw the last one in there to see if you’re paying attention;)?
3.What sweetener do you use most often?
4.Slippers, socks, or barefoot?
5.What questions would you like me to ask the group over the next few weeks?
My Answers:
1. The biggest was in 1981. I attended a huge concert at the the University of Colorado, Boulder. It was George Thorogood, Heart, and The Rolling Stones (Tattoo You Tour). It was wild! 
The last one…? It’s been awhile…maybe a poetry reading this Spring, before surgery. Gettin’ old…
2. I always switch over my wardrobe, only adding what is needed. I’m not a “Clothes Horse”…*lol* Wendell.
3. I usually use sugar (at home), but sometimes Equal, if out somewhere. I don’t use much of either, really, not even in tea or coffee (nothing or just creamer).
4. Socks…comfy & cozy thick socks.  🙂  It is a simple joy. Barefoot feels too vulnerable.
5. What is your favourite song, & why?
     What is your favourite place to go/thing to do for vacationing?
     Do you keep a journal?

6 thoughts on “Farmhouse Porch Chat #39

  1. I can't remember the last big gathering I attended. Maybe a wedding, years ago. Or funeral. I lead a sheltered life. LOL.

    I switch my wardrobe over, from a spare closet to my bedroom closet.

    I use honey, typically raw, most often, but also stevia occasionally.

    Barefoot in summer, THICK socks AND slippers the rest of the year, in this cold house. 🙂


  2. There is quite a contrast between the biggest event you went to and the most recent one!Wendell would tell you that I'm a clothes Horse. Neigh!I will use some of your questions in upcoming chats. Have a good week!


  3. I like to many songs to say this is my favorite, but I enjoy alot of the music from the late 70s through the 80s tunes the best. Even our kids like this stuff!

    The Smoky's is my favorite local place to hang-out for the day. It's great to drive through the mountains or to take a walk. As for vacationing, I love Maine! It's so beautiful up there. I'm a nut for lighthouses! They have good food, too.

    No, I don't keep a journal, but I've been thinking about starting one for years and have yet to do it. Procrastination is to blame.

    Hodgepodge-ChitChat-Wayback Wednesday Fun


  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It was nice reading your answers.

    I never cared much for big crowds or large cities so I never went to a big concert. Some of my friends love these big concert.

    Your questions are very good. It's been nice visiting your blog.


  5. In response to your question “Do you keep a journal?” I keep one…I keep it mostly empty. I keep buying them with the intention of writing some great something in them, but mostly, I just end up looking at them wishing I could think of what to write!

    Oh well, they'll be there for me whenever I do get hit with a real writing frenzy. 🙂

    Have a great week!


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