“Inspire Me Monday”

This has been on my mind a lot lately. 
Having to go through two major operations 
for the same reason,
the second a revision of the failed first, 
is difficult for many reasons.
I am trying to be positive, 
and I am looking for inspiration.
I am looking for things to keep me positive, 
and give me feelings of hope.
Then, there she was.
In the garden at Mayo Clinic, Phoenix,
there is a walkway, with benches, 
a waterfall,  cactus, and 
many local colorful birds.
In the middle of it all, there she was:
The Transformation of the Shaman

Shamans are spiritual healers. 
They heal by healing the spirit, 
healing from within.
In her, I sense a peace, a calm, 
a healing hope.
She inspires me through her energy. 
I feel that things will get better,
that I will be okay.
I feel that this is what I needed to do, 
where I needed to go
to get the help I need to heal, 
and recover.
I feel a transformation in myself.

6 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. What a beautiful, powerful statue! I can find peace and strength in such places too. I hope that your healing is moving along in the right direction and that you see light at the end of the tunnel. Once is hard, twice is harder but eventually it should be a fading memory! Did you get the email address I sent you? 🙂


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