My Sunshine Award!

I am honoured to be awarded the Sunshine Award, 
by my dear friend and fellow blogger, Andrea of From the Sol.
Thank you, Andrea. I appreciate this award…and you.

The rules of accepting this award involve the following questions, & my answers:
1. Favourite color…my favourite colours have always been blues & greens. I love earth tones, in general, especially love rust colours. I seem to be attracted to wearing grey a lot, though.
2. Favourite animal…Obviously I love cats, especially polydactyl cats. I love dogs, especially Shelties. I hope to have another Sheltie someday (sable). I love all animals. I also have a fondness for Sandhill Crane. I seem to have a deep connection to Coyote. I am very drawn to them. I respect and admire their ability to survive alongside man, in our shadow, in spite of our environmental destruction. 
3. Favourite number…my favourite number has always been 3. Always. 
4. Favourite non-alcoholic drink…I don’t drink alcohol, so…I love milk! I also love water & vitamin water, and I enjoy coffee drinks and teas.
5. Facebook or Twitter…Facebook. I don’t “tweet”. I think “social networking” is overdone! Good grief! Where does it end?! Facebook is time consuming! I love blogging best; it is more personal.  
6. My passion…my passion is obviously animals. I cannot imagine life without animals, and am quite sure they do go to heaven, or it wouldn’t be heaven. Reading & writing are also passions of mine. I try to reflect all of these on my blog, as they are important to me and who I am. I want to be genuine.
7. Giving presents or getting presents…I definitely am a giver. I am uncomfortable when the center of attention. I would much rather give or do than get or receive. It is important to me to show my love and appreciation to others as much as possible.
8. Favourite pattern…I actually prefer solid colours on my own clothing. I do wear & love tie-dyed stuff! I like patterns on quilts! I am really very plain & simple.
9. Favourite day of the week…it has got to be Sunday for me…NASCAR & football. Just sayin’. It has always been a day of relaxing & spending time together. Now with Bill driving a truck over the road any day he is home is my favourite day!
10. Favourite flower…I love Mums for their longevity and assorted colours. I also love Angel-Winged Begonias. Bill always buys me a couple of baskets of them to hang from the back porch each Spring. My birthday flower is the Lily of the Valley and I love the look and scent of it.
Now…I pass this award to the 
following people…
*Josie of Two Shoes in 2012 

*Patrice of Everyday Ruralty
*Sherri of The HomeSteader’s Cottage
*Julia of Of Petals and Wool
*Marti of Marti’s Musings

8 thoughts on “My Sunshine Award!

  1. Wow! Thank you McGuffy Ann! What a happy surprise at the end of a long and weary day! I smiled when you noted you love tie-dyed clothing and coyotes! I think coyotes have an undeserved bad reputation. I see them often here, even in the middle of the day. Most are scrawny and hunting hard for food, every now and then I see a huge, strong one that is obviously a good hunter! The sound of coyote pups yipping in their den early evening is sweet music to the ears!


  2. Hi dear Ann, I'm honored that you thought of me for this award and I thank you but I much prefer to keep my blog Award free.

    I hope that this doesn't offend you. However I love reading about some of your preferences.

    I should really have an Award Free badge on my blog.
    I hope that you have a great weekend. JB


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