My One Wish…

Create with Joy poses the prompt:
 Make a Wish.
If we had one wish, 
what would we wish for?
I thought all day about this.

I have had a rough life; 
and now know that
crying is not a weakness.
It is a release, a coping, 
and very human.

My wish comes down to the one thing 
that always makes me cry: cruelty.
I truly wish people would be kind.

There is never a reason or excuse to be mean.
If people would think before they speak or act,
the world would be a nicer place for everyone.
I just wish people would be nice.

13 thoughts on “My One Wish…

  1. My heart responded AMEN to this post! For those of us who have come thru very difficult times in life, times that were anything but gentle and friendly, being treated kindly is such a wonderful thing, and we strive to treat others that way. I once said that for my epitaph I would be happy if it said “she was kind”. Another blog friend recently wrote that what the world needs more of is “kindness”. Wow, it really is a universal need and desire. And you know, it isn't that hard to treat people the way you'd like to be treated. It doesn't take more energy or more effort, it only takes the desire. Beautiful post McGuffy Ann!


  2. My wish would be that we ALL really loved each other because when someone really loves, they wouldn't hurt anybody. There would be peace and forgiveness and people would be more trusting, compassionate and generous.



  3. Some people are hard to love, some people just don't make it easy, but even they can be treated with kindness…and should be.
    Being mean, cruel, is never the answer or solution. It only makes things harder and validates the mean spirit.


  4. At the risk of sounding like you, talking to me … your post is very you … and that is a good thing 🙂 I can speak from experience, you practice what you preach. Nice job Annie!



  5. I've added you to my regular blog hops. This is an awesome blog. Without God and my fur babies I would never have been able to get through the days my husband Ray was in a coma due to a traumatic brain injury. They were there to touch and hold and destress me.


  6. Hi Ann. From time to time, I come by and read something… usually, I find I have nothing to add… nothing to say… It doesn’t seem to me that your blog would be an appropriate place for arguments. But I’ve found that we consistently look at the world around us from a different perspective. This time I found myself here. I could understand your wish for more kindness in this world. But I’d like to remind you, that there are people in this world who do evil things. Sometimes when they’re caught, they’re very sorry… they repent, they ask for forgiveness, for kindness… and then when they’re free again, they’re back to their old ways. Kindness is good, but without balance, it can turn on the kind themselves…


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