A Super Full Moon

Not only is tonight a full moon, it is also a “Super Moon”.

The earth is closest to the moon during the month of May. 

Tonight, May 5, 2012, the moon will appear about 14% larger 
than any other night of the year.

Enjoy this special super full moon!

9 thoughts on “A Super Full Moon

  1. There is nothing more beautiful than a big full moon. We observe it from the warm waters of the hot tub on our deck, a tiny speck of humanity in the vastness of the universe. I am so looking forward to tonight and a vision of beauty we can all share!


  2. This is the second Super Moon I have missed because of the weatherman … yes, you heard me, the weatherman. His projections are supposed to be wrong, as usual, but that night, he had to be right. Shame on him …



  3. As we drove home from a Brothers and Sisters evening, through the beautiful farmlands of NE Indiana and NW Ohio the huge moon gave it an almost surreal look. Such beauty is almost incomprehendable. By the way…your Chloe looks a lot like my Salem. Love your site and grabbed your button so others could hop from mine. Marie


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