A Unique Man

Billy Bretherton

“Billy the Exterminator”
Billy the Exterminator works in VexCon, 
his family business of “pest control”. 
Their philosophy is one I respect:
living alongside nature, 
not senselessly destroying it.

Billy live trapping a gator.

When possible, Billy & VexCon will
 trap & release animals. 
They find an appropriate place, 
where the animals will live fully, without 
endangering themselves or humans.

Bill in bee suit, with Smoke machine.

In insect infestation, they use organic, 
environmentally compatible chemicals.
They will not kill without conscience,
only when it is a dangerous situation.
They have been known to relocate 
even insects, such as honeybees.

I respect a man like Billy Bretherton!

4 thoughts on “A Unique Man

  1. I love this concept too. Pest control from alligators to honey bees doesn't have to be cruel or destroy our environment. After all, they are just doing what they were intended to do, it is our taking up their space that labelled them a nuisance. I'm sure they tell their families that we are a nuisance too! 🙂


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