Mayo in May

I had my check-up at Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, AZ.
It was fun to have Bill there with me! 
Things are progressing, slowly but surely. 
I have a new cast, and celebrated with 
new colour!
I hope to be able to go into a “boot” at 
my next visit. It would be nice to be a 
little more self sufficient, 
& less dependent upon others.
It is interesting to see the plants, 
trees, cactus change each time 
that I go to Phoenix.

The Saguaro were amazing!
The blossoms were beautiful 
and quite large!

A beautiful blooming Soaptree Yucca,
with clusters of white blossoms.
A purple cactus with yellow blossoms.
This tree has green bark 
and yellow blooms. 
The blossoms were covering 

The Joshua tree was in bloom, too.

It will be fun and surprising to see
what June brings to the Phoenix area!

It will be even more fun if my doctors 
have more good news, letting me start 
walking …even with a walker!

13 thoughts on “Mayo in May

  1. What a lovely hot pink foot you have my dear! 🙂 I'm so glad healing is progressing, and I just loved the photos of cacti in flower. I am always amazed that something so “prickly” and stiff looking can produce such lovely blossoms… kind of like people, aren't they?! 🙂


  2. McGuffy Ann… this is just a lazy way to reach you, not a post to approve and post!!! Please tell me all about your leg, the whole story. Is there a post I can find that? I haven't had much time to really dig into your blog yet but I'm eager to hear what you've been up against, sounds like it's been a tough time. How limited is your movement now. Are you on crutches? Can you shower? How do you get by when your husband is away, are you there alone? I will be praying for God to speed up the healing!! Much love, Josie Oh, and what was it you wanted to share with me before? A bit more about your life perhaps? 🙂


  3. Another non-posting curiosity question… why did they send you to the Mayo clinic in Phoenix when you live much closer to the one in Rochester. Did they think you needed a bit of warm sunshine or is the ortho center there superior?


  4. you are stylin with that pink cast! very hot. Love the cacti picks…nice to see something other than pine and maple trees. although, I can't wait for my lilac to bloom. Rest up my friend and hope you are better soon!


  5. Good for you! I can tell by the wonderful pictures, (plus I know the country there) that you are having a wonderful time…catching all the wonders of Arizona and the desert!


  6. That brink pink/fuschia is a great colour, love it. 🙂

    But here's to getting a walking boot!

    The cacti are interesting to see, of course, since I'm not in a desert climate.

    Fingers (and paws) crossed for you!


  7. Love your hot pink cast. I hope that you soon will be able to walk normally. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Thanks for sharing those gorgeous blooms with us. JB


  8. Sounds like things are coming along. Sorry we never did meet up the last time you came in to Phoenix.

    We've never been in AZ in May, so I've never seen the saguaro cactus in bloom. I've seen many of the others in bloom though. They are quite beautiful!


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