Coffee Chat Time!

It’s Time Out for the Tuesday Coffee Chat! This week, the chat is about music and our connection with it. I am certainly connected! 

I married a musician, and am a poet. So both music and lyrics are important to me.When I first met Bill, he was playing his guitar. He is an extremely talented guitar player, who can play anything. We share our love of music, and like the same kinds for the most part. I love hearing and watching him play.

I love everything from Country to Blue Grass, Folk to Easy, traditional Blues & Jazz, mostly Classic Rock, and some other styles of music. Naturally, there are styles of music and songs as well, to go with every mood, emotion, and situation. 

As a child, I was essentially raised by babysitters. It was during the Sixties. While all of my friends were singing “London Bridge” or “Ring Around the Rosie”, I was singing “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” (Stones) or “Get Together” (Youngbloods). 

I was very influenced by music. I saw how it was affecting people and the world. My Grampy watched the news nightly, so I saw what was going on around us. I listened to the lyrics. I wanted to make sense of it all. As my love and connection to music grew, so did my love of poetry and writing out what I was seeing and feeling. It did help sort things out and make sense of them. 

I still love music and listen to it all of the time, though it is the stuff of my life that I gravitate to: the Oldies, the Classics, the ones I relate to. I still love the stuff of my youth; it makes more sense to me.

Music is both an outlet and validating. It is rejuvenating and relaxing. Music is a much appreciated yet simple joy in life, at any age.

Bill…& his blue Axe

9 thoughts on “Coffee Chat Time!

  1. Oh gosh…I am so sorry – you know I love ya already, but I may have just fell a wee bit in love with Bill too due to that blue Axe picture! 🙂

    a guitar player and a poet: what a heavenly match! xo


  2. Your husband is quite a turn on. You are brave to put him out there like that 🙂
    Your connection to music is intense and it does weave in and out of who you are today. I know every time we go to coffee you comment on the song playing and the singer singing it. What a gift and how much joy it must bring you. I am happy for you.



  3. I loved your post. I come from a family of musicians. My oldest brother is a professional fiddle player. I posted a video clip of him and my younger brother playing at our Thanksgiving get-together. Love the pic of Bill with his guitar. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I knew we would connect on several levels. I have been a passionate musician all my life. From Kindergarten on I knew I wanted to be a music teacher. Piano and voice were my majors and flute was my minor. Awesome connection.


  5. I love the same kind of music you do, also classical if the time and mood is right. Amazingly, so does my husband! I also gravitate to the “oldies” the things we grew up with that were meaningful in those years. I enjoy ethnic music too! My ex was a drummer in a rock n' roll band. I loved to watch him play, it was his therapy and when he was happiest! Bill looks pretty cool jammin' there! 🙂


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