Farmhouse Porch Chat #42

Yay for Tuesday! 
Come with me to visit Patrice 
& the Wonderful Wendell!
This week the questions of discussion, 
and my answers, are:

1.What do your everyday dishes look like?
We use stone ware, very basic, plain dishes. We are very simple people, no fancy stuff here! Our stuff is durable, heavy duty, like you would find in a cabin up north (by choice).
2.What shoes are you likely to throw on in a pinch right now? “Go to” shoes.
My “sneakers”! I also love my Fisherman style sandals, closed toe. I live in jeans, literally.
3.What’s the last gift you were given?
My husband always brings me things from his road trips. He brought me a mug from Kansas, with a farmhouse & Tornado Alley on it. He drives a rig across the South through there all of the time.
4.The first face you saw this morning was——————-.
The first face I saw this morning was Grizelda’s beautiful black face!! Right behind it was Chloe Jo, followed by Maggie with their adorable faces! (That was a great question!)
5.What cup or mug are you most likely to grab for your tea or coffee?What’s your “cuppa”cup?
I switch around. Bill has collected mugs for me for years, so I usually use whatever the newest one is. I do have favourite ones, though. He always finds unique ones that he knows will make me smile or intrigue me.

Thanks for the visit! I always enjoy visiting both of you, and everyone else that joins in!

4 thoughts on “Farmhouse Porch Chat #42

  1. My dishes are all thrift shop, but I'm such a fan of blue and white! I live in jeans too! I'm trying to wear other things to have a bit of variety. I like mugs. I think we all seem to pick out favorites. Have a good week!


  2. Somehow I knew you'd make practical choices, like dishes! I have a set of Corelle simple white with a border, they belonged to my Papa Bear and came with him. Before that I had a set of basic stoneware. I own my mom's beautiful Dessert Roses dishes that she used every day of her life, but I don't want to fuss about chipping or breaking them. I am all about simple and easy. No fuss! And yes, even before I open the bedroom door in the morning the furkids are lined up and waiting to greet me, I hear little voices whispering hello and see paws dart under the door… who could see that and not start the morning with a smile?! It's the same when I come home from work, they run to the door to greet me, and then demand supper. It's nice to be missed and loved! 🙂


  3. What is it about our pets? They seem to think they have to be the first thing we see at all times. Weather it's first thing in the morning or as soon as we walk in the door at the end of the day. They just seem to need to be the center of our attention :o) Have a blessed week.


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