Cat & Author: May 2012

Kat Von D
Kat & Ludwig
Kat & Piaf
Kat Von D is well known
in the tattoo industry.
She began tattooing as a teen,
 has been on Miami Ink,
 & her own show LA Ink.
She has written two books:
High Voltage Tattoo, and
The Tattoo Chronicles.
Kat also has both 
perfume line 
and clothing line.
Her love of cats,
particularly the Sphinx,
is well worth noting. 

8 thoughts on “Cat & Author: May 2012

  1. Funny that you mention her writing! I couldn't believe it when I saw a book at the library the other day, that she apparently wrote…yeah it was mostly, well all of it about her “ink” life style!


  2. I try not to judge people who love critters.
    Kat has had a rough go, and critters have been there for her, loving her unconditionally. I get that. She & her cats are unique. I like that!


  3. I learn something new every day… Kat loves cats! I love what you wrote above about not judging people, especially by their covers! Although I had to smile a bit wondering if she's ever considered inking her cat. 🙂 I watched her shows and saw a person with a good heart beneath that bold exterior. You are right, she is unique and true to herself, just as we all should be! Great post, something different!


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