Psychic Pets

Solving Paranormal Mysteries

By Dinah Roseberry

This fascinating book is written by the paranormal expert, Dinah Roseberry. Dinah has written books of science fiction, horror, and paranormal. She is also an editor, ghost hunter, and animal communicator, with those dead and alive.

Dinah gives acknowledgment to both humans and animals for the book. She goes on to explain animal communication and spirit communication. She respects the bond between animal and human, believing it can be deep and lasting.

Many photographs illustrate the stories that Dinah shares, and the stories are widely varied. She discusses walk-ins, comfort and support protection, spirit guides, and even random messages. Dinah also gives guidance on communicating with animals here and in the here-after.

This book is interesting and entertaining…
and makes you wonder.

4 thoughts on “Psychic Pets

  1. Very interesting; I'm not sure what I think about it all. I do know though one time when I called out to God to help me because Koda was being attacked by a dog, the dog stopped attacking him and looked ahead of himself. I looked too and there was a cat there in the road……I do believe God sent that cat to get the dog to stop biting on Koda. I'm just not sure I can actually communicate with Koda unless it involves something to do with food 🙂



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