A Very Good Deed

Bill is an over the road truck driver. He drives a refrigerated unit. Though he can carry almost anything, most of his loads are temperature controlled. Bill takes his job very seriously. He follows rules and regulations. He is very safety conscious, and takes pride in what he does.

Recently, Bill was hauling a truckload of meat to North Carolina. When he arrived at his destination, he had to wait while it was unloaded. He has never had any problems with damages, however this time he was told that one box of meat was being rejected. Apparently, there was a spot of blood on one box. He was told it was unacceptable.

Having never had a damaged load, Bill was shocked. He wanted to check the situation out. The box was fine, no damage. Nothing was leaking. Apparently, when the box was packed, a spot of blood dripped onto the box. Still, the receiver refused the one box of beef. 

At this point, Bill called his company to report the situation. Bill was told to donate the 66 pounds of beef to someone or throw it away. Bill was not about to throw away this perfectly good beef. Unfamiliar with the area, Bill began making phone calls to donate the meat.

He called local food banks and was rejected. He called local churches and church programs with the same results. Surprised, but not willing to throw away high quality food, very expensive meat, he persevered.  Bill knew there was nothing wrong with it, and that would be the worst kind of wastefulness.

He called the police department to donate it, or to get suggestions. He was told they were not interested. He called the fire department. While the fire department was not interested either, they referred him to the Allied Homeless Shelter, in Burlington, N.C.  

When Bill called the Homeless Shelter, they were very happy to accept the donation gift of 66 pounds of beef! The shelter worker arranged to come pick up the box from Bill. When he arrived, they opened the box, so he could see the donation. To say he was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. The box was full of three huge top grade prime rib roasts.

Bill was glad that he had not been willing to throw that away. He wanted someone who needed that food to have it. He went out of his way to make calls until he found a homeless shelter who not only was happy to take it, but needed it! He made the shelter happy, as well as many hungry people. Not only did they get a good meal, they got the best there is!

Bill is a very good truck driver. He puts in many long hours, getting the food from the packing plants to the warehouse, the stores, and to your tables on time. He is also a great person. He did a very good deed. 

This is my husband of 31 years. I’m extremely proud of him for many reasons…such as this.


25 thoughts on “A Very Good Deed

  1. What a great storey this is Ann.

    The regulations are quite ridiculous and it seems that no one are using common sense. Just people who like to show their authority while people go hungry.

    Hooray for your husband, he's a good man and you have every right to be proud of him. Thanks for sharing this storey. JB


  2. Way to go, Bill. McGuffy Ann, Thank you for such a beautiful and very inspiring post.

    Oh, I almost forgot … we received the Shorty Rossi book! THANK YOU SO MUCH! We're so excited to read it. 🙂



  3. This doesn't surprise me at all. Bill is a good person and I can see it in his daily life. You both make a good pair because you are both committed to doing the right thing … and helping others is in your soul. I love you Bill … I am so glad you are my friend (you too Annie).



  4. I cannot believe it took that much to find someone who would accept it!!! Good grief!! But what a wonderful man and what a good deed he did!!! Good on ya, Bill!!! We need more people like you!


  5. What a touching story! You have reason to be proud of your husband. I admire people like your husband who will not let things like the cost in time or effort or the lack of cooperation get in the way of helping others. Great job, Bill!


  6. That's awesome!! I hate to throw things away and donate whenever possible. One man's trash is another man's treasure! I bet the people at that shelter enjoyed that meat!! What a treat!


  7. Your husband sounds like such a great guy.

    It's getting so hard to donate food anywhere, even if grown in a home garden. People are hungry but places aren't allowed to accept food. Doesn't make any sense. Glad he found somewhere that would take it.


  8. Just this one story told me so much about your Bill, his determination, his desire to do what is right, and not to waste good food. Most guys would have given up after the first or second call. I was thrilled that such a wonderful bounty of prime meat ended up in a good place. Sure makes those other folks look dumb, doesn't it?! 🙂 Sometimes regulations defeat common sense. Yeah for Bill, tell him I said he's a real sweetheart, definitely a keeper! :-))


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